This picture is AWESOME, and this city is breathtaking. Love the view!

Lisbon, Portugal


    This picture is AWESOME, and this city is breathtaking. Love the view!


    Lisbon, Portugal

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    Dome by Aion

    A brick pavilion built with a revolving compass, a traditional Nubian building technique.


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    Acropolis Museum

    by Bernard Tschumi Architects

    "The challenges of designing the new Acropolis Museum began with the responsibility of housing the most dramatic sculptures of Greek antiquity. The building’s polemical location added further layers of responsibility to the design. Located at the foot of the Acropolis, the site confronted us with sensitive archeological excavations, the presence of the contemporary city and its street grid, and the Parthenon itself, one of the most influential buildings in Western civilization. Combined with a hot climate in an earthquake region, these conditions moved us to design a simple and precise museum with the mathematical and conceptual clarity of ancient Greece."

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    Italian Television Sets of Wealth and Excess | Simone Cavadini

    Photographed at the studios of Italy’s biggest commercial broadcaster, Cavadini captured each massive media landscape with a large-format camera. The images highlight the monstrous size, flooding lights and intensely saturated colors permeating every stage and set. The absence of a cheering audience and thundering music allows for an unsettling pause in these contemporary colosseums of excess. Strangely Baroque and surreal, Cavadini nods to the great games and public throngs of ancient times past, hinting that such events are tactics for distraction and control.Res Pvblica acts as a critical look into our desire to “tune in and tune off” for false dreams of wealth and fame.

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    Ulrich Müther

    The water rescue station on the Baltic Sea beach in Binz on Rügen Island designed by Ulrich Müther is now used as a maid room. 1968

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    Rebecca Reeve - Marjory’s World, 2012

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    Robotically fabricated carbon and glass fibre pavilion by ICD + ITKE via Designboom

    architecture students at the institute for computational design (ICD) and the institute of building structures and structural design (ITKE) at the university of stuttgart have completed a research pavilion that is robotically fabricated from carbon and glass fibre composites. the development of the structure focused on the material and morphological principles of arthropods’ exoskeletons as a source of exploration for new construction compounds in architecture.

    the assembly of the shelter was performed on-site by a 6-axis robot coupled with an external sevenths axis. as part of the process the materials were saturated with resin, run through a bath of the synthetic polymer directly prior to their placement by the robot. after the completion of the filament winding process and subsequent tempering of the fibre-resin blend, the temporary steel frame could be disassembled and removed. the automatically fabricated, but locally differentiated structure resulted in an extremely thin shell of just 4mm thickness.

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